Roskilde 2012 – Day 2, Friday 6th of July

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Friday 6th of July, Day 2

Well day two became a day filled with music. Starting with some sludgy rock from the swamps of the southern USA, and ending with some doomy sludge very late in the night/early morning. A really long day that acquired a ’nap’ in order to see one of the must sees and the massive beard that was included! 😉

But in order to manage to get through the day, we had to start out with: Breakfast!
BACON! Eggs, sausages and toasted bread. It was the best breakfast to date at Roskilde Festival!
It was also the only day we girls took a shower, and immediately afterwards stood and cooked bacon. Not the wisest decision haha, but a good decision!
I really hope we’ll repeat that this year.

On a funny note, it is strange that I didn’t get any problems with my stomach this year. As I started every day, together with my breakfast and coffee, with some shots of Bailey. And with the lack of cooling devises, it was a Bailey that just stood outside in the sun or in a moist and humid camper most of the time. It DID taste a little funky the last day, but it went down and stayed down…
(I don’t really like Fernet Branca, which otherwise is the shot of choice in our camp in the mornings. I usually take one the first morning there, remember how awful it is, and stays away from it the rest of the festival)

Musically we started off with Weedeater at noon, and what a start! They really set the mood and delivered a great set! If you ever get the chance to see them live, you go!

* * *

After Weedeater another treat was offered on the same stage, Red Fang! I had really looked forward to see them, but I was a bit disappointed. They really didn’t meet my expectations. They where good, but the magic wasn’t there.

* * *

But where Red Fang lacked, Baroness delivered a really good set. Which I enjoyed tremendously!
They also delivered one of my top albums of 2012 with their album Yellow and Green.

* * *

After Baroness the next highlight of the day (and one of the more fun moments of the festival) was about to happen! Hank 3!
What a party! From the beginning to the end.
From the country to the metal…

My own recordings of Hank3, made on my Sony Xperia Arc can be found here (Country) and here (Metal)
Turn up to HD-quality for best video quality, sound is not good, but it is not bad either however, given the circumstance! You will understand why later, because my phone can’t handle front row recordings at all! 🙂

* * *

After we had been pinpointed in front of the Odeon stage all afternoon, it was time to change location and go to the Orange stage. To our permanent spot, just in front of the Merch and the Beer, to the right of the stage. 🙂
It was time for The Cult. I actually didn’t see much as it was really boring! So I went and saw one of my must sees instead: Of The Wand And The Moon, THAT however was really, really, really good!

* * *

* * *

After the incredible Of The Wand and The Moon set, that was so mesmerizing beautiful, it was time to set off in a quick pace to the Arena stage where DevilDriver was going to play.
From one thing to another, and that is what I LOVE about Roskilde Festival: the incredible range of genres!
The picture to the left was taken just before I venture into the tent, into the middle of the crowd.
DevilDriver offered such an energy and Dez Fafara was in a good shape, and that could be felt on the crowd. It was alive!

* * *

After that outburst of energy it was time for a well deserved ’nap’, as me and my brother had a late night appointment with one of the old dear ’friends’ of our musical universe.
Back to camp we went. Got some hours sleep, until a little after 2 AM, when we took the looooong walk back to the Odeon stage, in the humid, cold night to see Crowbar at 2:45 AM.
Well the sleep, the cold and the late hour did put a damper on the spirit of the concert, but it was worth it!

That was my second day with music and it was going to get even better…

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