Review/Interview: Headcrusher – Let the Blood Run

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I have had Headcrusher’s album Let the Blood Run in my collection for quite some time now, and it has been played whenever I need my fix of something faster, brutal and groovy.

It’s easy to get into and like Headcrusher as they play a blend of Thrash/Death/Hardcore with a massive fat sound and a vocal that ooze of ferociousness. The riffs just caresses the ears and activates the headbanging reflexes, and are a pure joy to listen to. They have managed to break up the songs in nice portions with changes of pace and structures. The speedy pace is mixed with great mid-tempo passages, where they let the music get some air. You will even get some nice guitar solos, that does not become ‘too much’ but ends just before you think: OK enough already!

Read the full review and interview here:

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