Out Now: Dirty Shirt – Dirtylicious

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“Ciocârlia” (The Skylark), the instrumental opening song of the album Dirtylicious is an instrumental Romanian traditional song that spread to other East European countries. Dirty Shirt’s version is based on George Enescu’s arrangement. Video FX & Production: Cristian Balanean. Photos: Alex Robciuc … Continued

Best of 2013

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2013 proved to be a good year in more ways than one: I won stuff , I backed stuff, I bought stuff and I discovered stuff, Including LOVE (Yes, I finally got lucky in that department too) and got a … Continued

Music Discoveries Week 49

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Another week came and went and some new music discoveries were caught in the stream of music that floats past me every week. Here are the ones that attracted my attention and were good enough to be remembered. XUL Blackened … Continued