Well this is a highly personal blog, I will post a lot about music discoveries I make. So it will mainly be about Metal, but also about a lot of other genres.
You can call this my personal music discovery diary. If anybody else finds it useful or discovers a new favourite band, then all the better!
I will probably write about other stuff as well, but as of now I don’t know what that will be.

Born and raised on Møn, Denmark. Living in Mora, Sweden since 1991.
I am a Metalhead with 2 kids. I love to draw/paint but doesn’t have the time to do it as much as I  would like to anymore.
Nature and space fascinates me and I love to read big heavy books (when I have the time that is)
I work as a Support/Content Manager and the use of social media/interaction in regards of especially music promotion fascinates me.
Goes to Roskilde Festival every year with the crazy group of people called Camp Skambabserne. We roam in the Caravan camping with all of the other ’oldies’. If you want to bump into me at the festival site, the most likely place is where ever there is a metal act playing, the least likely place is in front of the Orange stage or anywhere near the Apollo stage!

Other places where I dwell:
Twitter (My most active account, tweets a lot about music.)
Facebook (If you send a request, please introduce yourself in a message also, I’m more likely to accept then.)
G+ (Well I’m there at least…sometimes)
Bandcamp (Love this site after they introduced the fan-pages, buying music has never been so much fun!)
Soundcloud (I’m there from time to time to check out new music from accounts that I follow)
ReverbNation (Don’t know why I have that account, it is hanging by a thread at the moment, too many crappy requests are ruining my mood)
Beat100 (This account is about to be deleted, can’t find any use for it, only joined to vote for my friends videos as requested)
Pinterest (Mostly used to pin inspirational pictures for my future projects, when I get time to sit down with pen and paper again)