Out Now: Dirty Shirt – Dirtylicious

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“Ciocârlia” (The Skylark), the instrumental opening song of the album Dirtylicious is an instrumental Romanian traditional song that spread to other East European countries. Dirty Shirt’s version is based on George Enescu’s arrangement. Video FX & Production: Cristian Balanean. Photos: Alex Robciuc … Continued

Andrew James Liles – Bad Android, Welcome Home & Information Harvest

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To pick which artist I should cover in my premier post in this category caused me a lot of thinking. I have a lot of artists to chose from, but finally the choice fell on Andrew James Liles, probably the … Continued

Andrew James Liles – Interview

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An Interview with Andrew James Liles. Mastermind behind Bad Android, Welcome Home and Information Harvest First of I want to thank Andrew for answering my questions, I didn’t expect the lengthy response that I got, but I really appreciate it … Continued