Music Discoveries – Week 17

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Silver Devil


Massive rumbling! Great fuzzy stoner rock delivered from a bunch of guys from Sweden. If you like Truckfighters, you’ll like Silver Devil.

I have the CD in rotation in my car and it is just perfect driving-music. The opener Follow Me Down starts out with delightfully playful guitars that instantly gets your head going. And your head will keep going until the last track, or you run out of gasoline.
The musicianship is there and so are the groovy, easy to like tracks. You’ll be transported to hot, dusty roads with wide horizons and tumbleweed and sand blowing in the wind.

Well I’m lost for words, which in this case is not based upon I don’t have anything to say, but because I think I don’t need to say anything at all about this release – IT IS GREAT!

I don’t know what it is with Swedish fuzz/stoner/sludge/doom but there is a lot of good bands around. So I recommend you to go out and seek them out!

More Silver Devil here:

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