Music Discoveries Week 51

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Yes, yes, yes, I know… I’m late again! But Here are 2 great discoveries I made last week or was it this week, all this time off work has blurred my sense of time.

Drawing The Endless Shore

Ambient Trip-Hop, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and a dash of post-rock from Ukraine!
Now I know this is really different from what I have posted before, but I really like it! I had too look up both Trip-Hop and the acronym IDM, I have never heard of any of the genres in my life. But who cares what labels are on the music if you like it? It is great for stress relieve if nothing else.
This is a one man project formed in 2010 by Sergey Lunev. You can get the album ’Don’t Despair’ for free on Bandcamp.

More Drawing The Endless Shore here:

Well back into character now…

Fall of Efrafa

I really don’t know what to say about this great discovery, it is just great!

From their Myspace-page:

”FALL OF EFRAFA (2005 – 2009) was an atmospheric post hardcore band influenced by the mythological and political overtones in the book ”Watership Down” by Richard Adams. A concept project, a trilogy of records known collectively as ”The Warren Of Snares” – Owsla, Elil and Inlé. The narrative follows an iron age society oppressed by a theocratic rule, dying at the hands of ignorant ideology, their struggle to overcome both physical and mental hardship and to strike out against the ultimate enemy, the encroachment of man. ”

Since the band does not exist anymore, you have to be content with the Bandcamp albums above.

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