Pre-Roskilde 2012 Part Two!

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So this will be my last pre-Roskide post.

CAMP SKAMBABSERNE went on a caravan-trip today from Møn to the Caravan-camping at Roskilde to set up the camp, some are going to stay there until the rest of us joins in on the fun on Wednesday evening.

The rest of the camp went home to either work or like me continue my summer holiday on my beloved home island Møn.

So here are the last bands I have marked in my schedule:

Machine Head

one of my MUST-SEE’s no need to explain why, I think 🙂

Django Django

This will the first band I’m going to see, they open the Pavillion-Stage at 17:30 on Thursday, not very metal, but I like the sound of it and is annoyingly happy music, which I won’t get too much of this festival as it seems, so I better get my dose early haha 😉

Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro

Well they sadly play at the same time as Django Django, so I have to skip them, had the circumstances been different I would have liked to see them 🙂


Opens the Orange-stage at 18:00 on Thursday, they are not on my must-see list, so Django Django wins!

The Cult

Sadly they play right between some of my must-see’s, that have collided really badly, Of the Wand and the Moon and DevilDriver. The Cult plays on the Orange stage at 19:30,  20:00 OTWATM plays on the Pavillion stage and 21:00 DevilDriver will play on Arena… I just have to cut The Cult short and see about 30 min of the concert, then go and enjoy OTWATM before racing to see DevilDriver

Kimmo Pohjonen / Samuli Kominen and Proton String Quartet

This is so special that I really would like to experience it!

Dead Skeletons

This is just fantastic, but at 03:00 in the middle of the night it might be a little late for my old bones…

First Aid Kit

I like this very much. Two girls from Sweden making some really enjoyable Country Folk.

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

Amazing drummer! Don’t know if I’m going to see him as there is another concert on Pavillion(El Paraiso presents Causa Sui, El Paraiso Ensemble and Papir) that I also would like to see at the same time, I think the decision will come down to what I feel like Sunday morning…

There are a lot of other bands I have marked as interesting in some way or another in my schedule, and here they are: Today Is The Day, Boubacar Traoré, Cerebral Ballzy, The Low Anthem, Cold  Specks, Mutiny On The Bounty, Liturgy, Staff Brenda Bilili, El Paraiso presents Causa Sui, El Paraiso Ensemble and Papir, Bellowhead, Sivert Høyem, Magtens Korridorer, Amadou & Miriam, Bomba Estéreo, Majovci Group, Alison Krauss & Union Station feat. Jerry Douglas

Suicide Silence

…and finally a band I really would like to see too Suicide Silence, I just love the video to their song ’You Only Live Once

See you again AFTER the festival \m/ 🙂 \m/

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