RF 2011 Program and Wristband

Roskilde Festival 2011, Day 1, Thursday 30th of June

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RF 2011 Program and Wristband

OK So I’ve decided to use this blog again, mainly because I want to use this space to write about the music discoveries I make around the web.

I thought I would start to write a little about last years Roskilde Festival and the bands I watched there.

So I had already (as usual) done some heavy research into the bands and checked out all of them. So my band schedule was filled with comments. Well I set out to watch both known and unknown bands but I also knew that I would hardly see all of them. But that is the cool thing about festivals, you never know what concert is going to be the one you’ll remember for years to come.

Ok here is the bands I actually listened to the first day:

I was set on seeing Narasirato from the Solomon Islands, but as it rained just then, we decided to stay in our camp as I wasn’t THAT keen on seeing them while getting wet and cold. It was such an act that could be fun to watch, but not in such an extend that I HAD to watch them, if you know what I mean 🙂


When the rain stopped we began our first walk to the festival ground, I wanted to see Terror so that was our first goal, but as we entered the entrance, 1349 was playing on the Arena Stage, so we just had to hear a little of that too, but as we were standing just outside the tent the sound was really bad and we could hardly hear anything, it was LOUD. We later discovered that the sound was much better closer to the stage.


But we were heading towards Pavillion to hear Terror. To tell you the truth I cannot remember this concert at all, but watching the videos posted on YouTube I guess they were alright 😉

Iron Maiden

After that it was just waiting for Iron Maiden! I thought I was gonna lose my voice during that concert, but it was alright both after and the next day. Awesome!

This was a great concert! After that it was home to camp and get some sleep.

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