Mastodon Orange RF 2011

Roskilde Festival 2011, Day 2, Friday 1st of July

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Mastodon Orange RF 2011
Mastodon, Orange Stage

Electric Wizard

OK so the second day of music started with Electric Wizard, which I for the life of me cannot remember too clearly I actually watched :S

Electric Wizard was a replacement for the cancelled Dååth, which I would have like to see also but Electric Wizard was a good replacement (But they cannot have left a deep impression on me as I cannot remember seeing them)

Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive however I remember seeing, mainly because the guitarist Luke Kilpatrick rocked the shit out of a wheelchair 😀


Then we just hanged around Odeon as the next group to play there would be Eyehategod!
Sludge/Stoner Rock!


While passing by Orange Stage I heard some of The Raveonettes concert, but as we didn’t stop to listen I wouldn’t call it that we actually listened to them 😉
Well on we were to hear Kylesa and that was exactly what we did, as we lay/sat in the grass outside Pavilion and just enjoyed the concert. Well I stood up for a part of the concert to see what was going on on stage, It was a really enjoyable concert actually!


After the really good concert with Kylesa we were of to see Mastodon. Mastodon haven’t really been a group I have been interested in, but with their new album – The Hunter, I have become somewhat hooked on them especially the amazingly good Curl Of The Burl. The concert might not have been a memorable one, I thought it was kinda boring, but still OK.


After Mastodon we completely changed music genre as we went and shaked our legs to some really catchy dance-friendly rhythms from Egypt on the new Gloria stage. Rango offered a really fun experience where it was practically impossible to stand still. I haven’t been able to find any footage shot from their Roskilde Festival performance, but you can watch a promo-video here.


By that time my fellow camp-mates gave up for the night and went home to camp, but I was on a mission to see, if not all of the concert, then a part of it. I just couldn’t miss the cult-band GHOST!!!
And the 30 minutes I watched was an experience I wouldn’t have missed, I wouldn’t call it a mind-blowing concert, but it was different and I’m glad I have watched them live 🙂

That was day 2 for me and I went home to the non-rainproof CombiCamp to sleep.

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