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This the last day of 2016, I think it is about time to publish my year end list.

2016 has been a year full of taking things a bit slower, focusing on other things that matters to me besides music: my family, reading and being creative which have led to a lot of unsubscribing!

I’ve not listened to music at the same extent that I’ve been used to, so I know I missed a lot of great albums this year, but I’m not that stressed about it. I’ve also almost come to a full stop in regards of reviewing as I’ve pretty much lost my drive when it comes to putting words to music I love. Therefor I’ve been unsubscribing from mailing-lists and unfollowing bands on Bandcamp in order to de-stress my life and calm my mailbox down.

This years live events where: Monsters Of Rock (Black Sabbath, Volbeat, Rival Sons, Bombus), Noisenäs II and Storsjöyran.

The albums below are the releases I’ve been listening to the most during 2016. My kids have heard me roar out Finnish words (I do not understand) more than once this year!



Teksti-TV 666 – 1,2,3

Released October 7, 2016. Svart Records.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a flying saucer? No it’s Teksti-TV 666!!!
Besides the solid krautrock foundation, the garage-punk fury and the fact that it does fly, I don’t know what I’m listening to. But it is THE release that has taken me most by surprise this year and has been in heavy rotation in my home, car, at work and everywhere else since the release back in October. It is a must while driving because of the steady foundation of the unmistakenly krautrock beat and the firery drive of the 5 (at times 6) guitarists. My small black speed devil (my car) transformes magically into a full blown rocket fueled desert cruiser when this album is on.
I don’t understand Finnish but I don’t need to either, the vocals just lays as an additional layer somewhere between all of the juicy meat of the tracks. It does not stop me from singing along however! 😀
With 5 (at times 6) guitarists in a group with 7 members, sometimes MORE IS MORE!


Forndom – Dauðra Dura

Released January 29, 2016. Nordvis.

Soothing, contemplating ritualistic Nordic folk from Sweden. This album has been my companion all of 2016. There isn’t much to say about it, it is just endless beauty from the North. An ode to the dead or dying and it has helped me in my quest to calm my life down.


It’s Not Night: It’s Space – Our Birth is but a Sleep and a Forgetting

Released June 24, 2016. Small Stone Recordings.

Best instrumental heavy psychedelic dreamy stoner space desert rock I’ve heard in a long time, with a warm and fuzzy aura and a vast galactic scenery.

Full review can be found here:


Oak Pantheon – In Pieces

Released May 16, 2016.

This album holds absolutely everything you possibly could desire: Galloping death metal, roars, clean singing, rolling drums, hints of thrash, rock, speed metal and calm ambiance. One masterpiece after the other which holds magnificent journeys and many sceneries.


Messa – Belfry

Released May 6, 2016. Aural Music.

Mesmerizing, obscure ’scarlet doom’ from Italy with a great female vocalist!


Nej – Nej

Released May 19, 2016.

So heart-squeezing dark and powerful. This Swedish trio (2xbass and Drums) has created a great collection of nervy, dark and murky tunes. Finnish song with hints of Swedish from the darkest depths of human feelings.
My kids have heard me more than once ’singing’ along to ”Aldrig Mer”, ”Över Havet” och ”Martyr”. I do not speak, understand or have the slightest clue what the words mean but that hasn’t stopped me.


SubRosa – For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages

Released August 26, 2016. Profound Lore Records.

Beautiful as always, full of nerve, passion, clarity, sticky dirt and poisonous thornes.


Russian Circles – Guidance

Released August 5, 2016. Sargent House.

A wonderful dark and interesting instrumental post-metal album. So rich in its sound, a small  masterpiece.


Dö – Tuho

Released April 29, 2016.

I blame, the dark stoner doom trio from Helsinki, Finland, for my escalating tinnitus.


Bombus – Repeat Until Death

Released, 2016. Century Media Records.

Bombus caught my attention despite shitty sound at Monsters of Rock.
Sadly the album isn’t available through BC but can be streamed through Spotify

Special Mention

Vangelis – Rosetta

As I work for a company which has had components treated with its TiSurf coating (Titanium Nitride) onboard Rosetta, I have followed this mission closely, which explains my many retweets and post of space missions. We also have TiSurf treated probes onboard Cassini and the MMS mission, so I’m not going to stop the retweets and posts about space anytime soon.

Vangelis released an album entirely dedicated to the mission and it is quite good actually.

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