Out Today: Oblivious – Out Of Wilderness

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Sometimes I just need something refreshing to listen to and ever since I heard ’Shore To Shore’ by Oblivious on Bandcamp I’ve awaited the full album release. Today is the day!

The band comes from Linköping in Sweden and plays melodic groovy no bull heavy metal. Rolling playful drums, crisp guitars, a bass that can be heard and a vocalist with heart-melting abilities. A given favourite this summer!
(I’m going to get to Denmark ultra-fast this summer with this playing in my little black speed devil!)

Now go and take a listen:

Great artwork by Mattias Frisk! (https://mattiasfrisk.com/)
Out via Gaphals: http://gaphals.se/

More Oblivious here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/obliviousofficial

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