Roskilde 2012 – Day 3, Saturday 7th of July

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Saturday 7th of July, day 3

Saturday started out with some crazy accordion playing from Kimmo Pohjonen accompanied with some suitable electronics from Samuli Kosminen and some nice strings too from the Proton String Quartet. I was the only one from our camp that went to see them, as the others saw Alison Krauss & Union Station feat. Jerry Douglas, that played at the same time on the Arena stage.
I really did not regret going to see this by myself, as this was so different, interesting and well performed that I really couldn’t ask for more.

The recording below is my own recording from that set.

* * *

After Kimmo Pohjonen/Samuli Kosminen and the Proton String Quartet had ended their set, I headed over to my camp-mates. Just when I arrived a familiar tune reached my ears and I got to hear some of ”The Soggy Bottom Boys” infamous hit ’Man Of Constant Sorrow’ performed by Alison Krauss & Union Station feat. Jerry Douglas. 😉

* * *

From country to some crazy legendary hardcore Swedes. Lead by the energetic Dennis Lyxzén, Refused blew the top off of the Arena stage! When the intro to the song posted below started, I got up from my comfy position on the ground enjoying a beer with a good friend/camp-mate, and got on my feet and jumped!
You can NOT sit on your ass while listening to this one!!!

* * *

After this outburst of energy we relocated over to Odeon where Bellowhead was playing, we just hung outside the tent and listened to the rest of their set.
After that I was talked into going to see the new electronica stage Apollo. The music, that is being played there, is nothing I remotely like or would go listen to, so this was an adventure. When we got there Rockwell was playing and the footage below is the proof I WAS there, as this is my own recording (And you can hear me asking, what we are listening to if you listen closely)!
It wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be, buuuut it might take more than one listen to get the hang of this (Noise).

* * *

The BIG headliner for last years festival, Bruce Springsteen, was the next thing on the program. But as I have never been a big fan or even listen to his music, I only stayed and saw a couple of songs, got bored, and so did my (soon to be) sister-in-law, so we went on and saw some good ol’ Thrash from some young guys from USA instead. Warbringer didn’t blow my mind, but compared to Bruce they were entertaining!
And NO I did not participate in any circle-pits or walls of death, I’m too old for that, hehe. We just sat at the edge of the tent and had some drinks and enjoyed the music. 😉

* * *

The last group I saw this day was Mutiny On The Bounty, and after that I was too tired to stay up any longer and went back to camp to get some sleep. I really wanted to see Dead Skeletons, but they played at 2:45 in the middle of the night, so I had to skip them, sadly…
(I couldn’t find any live footage from Mutiny’s set, so I took one from the Dead Skeletons set instead.)

Sunday would prove to be a VERY good day…
😀 \m/

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