Third Storm is back after 26 years!

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I must confess that the newly reunited Swedish black/doom metal band Third Storm is a new acquaintance to me, but this EP has really given my the taste for blood and I want more, now, immediately!

Third Storm was formed way back in 1986 in Uppsala, Sweden by four kids who shared the same passion for the underground and heavily influenced by acts like Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer etc. The members were just kids in the 14-16 age range. Instrumental skills were secondary as long as it sounded loud and noisy!

Third Storm had some very over the top crazy live perfomances with satanic imagery and wasn’t taken serious at all. The band split up after just 2 year in 1988. As time has passed some interest about the band has risen, but mostly in the name than for their music as very few have heard it, as recorded material from that time is very rare. The recordings that they did do were primitive and raw, and as they used blastbeast in a time where people weren’t used to it it didn’t get a greater audience and the vocal were insane screams. The band really wasn’t into promotion either as they just wanted to make noise!

26 years after the breakup, the band reunites with a new lineup in October 2014 with two original members onboard: Vocalist Heval Bozarslan (Sarcasm) and guitarist Jimmy Eriksson.

Joining them to complete the lineup: Guitarist David Eriksson (Anguish), bassist Daniel Ekeroth (UsurpressIron Lamb) and drummer Johan Ericsson

As I’ve not heard anything from the past I have no idea how they sounded like back in 1986-88 but I know for a fact that it is not how they sound today with their new Black Doom suits on.

The EP, Tarîtîya Me, is just a teaser of what will come. The band has announced that their first full length (hopefully released sometime 2016) will be a concept album and part of a trilogy. And that my friends is good news, because this two track EP really has gotten me interested.

The bassist, Daniel Ekeroth, is the also the author of the highly recommended book ”Swedish Death Metal” (fb-page)


More Third Storm here:


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