The Unboxing of 11 Hours of Torture and Extreme Joy

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Friday evening I got home from work totally worn out and found a note from the post office that I had a parcel waiting for me. As the hour was late, I had to wait until Saturday morning to retrieve it. I had my suspicions on what it could be and my anticipation rose. When I got the parcel at the post office my first thought was: ’This is huge!’ and my suspicions of what it could be was confirmed when I saw the senders name!

I had gotten my very own Sabazius – ’The Descent Of Man’ USB-Skull from Earache Records!

Only 10 of these beauties exists and to top it all off I also received a really nice hand done artwork made by the band!

I am humbled and very happy that Earache Records and Sabazius would consider me with such a gift. It wasn’t enough that they provided my with the most weird experience I have ever had in my life, in regards to music, but to be thanked in such a way, just because I shared my experience of my listen-through through Twitter is amazing. I’m happy that I did document my listen-through, because I now have some markers on when things happens in this epic creation.

You can find the transcript of my Twitter posts here!

I have to thank Sabazius for making this crazy track and Earache for making it available for us to hear it, as I have never felt so passionate about a piece of music before. (The runner-up on this is Locrian with their The Clearing/The Final Epoch. I clearly remember how I tried to explain, with a passionate intensity, the absolutely masterpiece this was, to my mother). I’m sorry to say that my colleagues at work might be a little tired of hearing me babble about how this track has changed me forever (in a good way of course).

Sabazius was also amongst my music discoveries during week 8 (you can read the entire post here), there I wrote as follows:

Week 8 was also the week where Sabazius was introduced to me in the most extreme way I have ever discovered a band before. Instead of taking it slow and humane I jumped right in the deep end of the pool and listened to their really hard to digest 11 hours epic drone/doom track: The Descent of Man. I  tweeted my experiences on this journey along the way, which you can read a transcript of here!
I have since listened to their previous works and I must say that I have enjoyed what I’ve heard so far. My very special description of their self titled album Sabazius is as follows: ”My ears are caressed by the sound of flying, heavily chocolate coated, lazy Bumblebees and Cockchafers!” I don’t know how to describe it in any other words haha

Of course this is not music for everyone, but for those in search of something else Sabazius is the answer.


Please support Sabazius and Earache Records in anyway you can, they are both doing a great job in each their fields. 🙂

I’m so sorry!!! After I first posted this, I came to think about that I didn’t even mention the sculptor that made the incredible 3D-printed skull: Josh Harker!
I have now amended that, and of course you should go visit his website and see what he is up to.

More Sabazius here:

More Earache Records here:

More Josh Harker here:

3 Responses

  1. Tomo

    I recieved mine today. I suppose you were the first, me the second to recieve this incredible piece of ambitious work of art. Eller på ren svenska, jag fick en oxå. Hittade din blogg genom doomlobbyn på twitter och blev intresserad av bandet. Tog mig genom ovädret i en lyssning och här sitter jag nu fånleende med min skalle. Min är svart.

    • MLevinsen

      Oj trevligt att fler har tagit sig igenom denna, tror man måste försöka ta den i ett svep för att man ska få mest ut av den 🙂
      Fast jag hade ju några breaks under dagen. Jag är sjukt nöjd med paketet från Earache/Sabazius! De handgjorda individuella målningarna gör det ju lite mer roligt. Har du skrivit om din genomlysning någonstans? Jag länkar gärna till den!

  2. Tomo

    Det märkliga är att jag bara drog en kort kommentar på youtube och tänkte inte på det mer och plötsligt fick jag mail från earache, fantastiskt engagemang från skivbolag och band. Så här i efterhand borde man kanske skrivit mer.

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