Laser - NoiseNäs 2016

Noisenäsfestivalen II 2016

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This years Noisenäsfestival was, if even possible, better than last years festival! The weather was much better than last year and there were more people attending. Me and my son had a great time there, we played ping-pong, badminton, Super Mario and participated in the music quizzes. My son even managed to get to the finals in the Ping-Pong tournament on a walk-over in his trial-heat, haha.
Hope there will be another festival next year with more new music to discover.

The musical highlights for me was Nej, The Guilt and Craneium. My son really liked Laser and of course Skraeckoedlan.

Below are some of my pictures from the festival.

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I just have to mention that there is another small festival coming up the 27th of August in Siljansfors: Ingenstansia! (More info at their fb-event:
I might not have the opportunity to attend, but you’ll never know.

More about Noisenäsfestivalen here:


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