Crippled Black Phoenix – Horrific Honorifics

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I’m a huge admirer of Cripple Black Phoenix’s music and have been so for quit some time now. Their compositions are like a big warm comforting hug when you need a companion in the dark and something to mute the silence.

Some days ago they released an EP full of covers and as usual it is a feast for the ears:

False Spring” originally performed by Arboretum, written by Neumann / Wilson
The Golden Boy Swallowed By The Sea” originally performed by Swans, written by Jarboe / Michael Gira
Will-O-The-Wisp” originally performed by Magnolia Electric Co, written by Jason Molina
Victory” originally performed by No Means No, written by No Means No
In Bad Dreams” originally performed by The God Machine, written by Robin Proper-Sheppard, Jimmy Fernandez, Ronald Austin
The Faith Healer” originally performed by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, written by Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna, Zal Cleminson

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