Plains Reveales Tracks From Upcoming Album

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Plains from Seattle Washington has revealed two tracks from their upcoming album, set to be released in the beginning of 2014.

Great post-rock with great ambience and space. I’m really looking forward to hear the entire album.

PLAINS is a post-rock band hailing from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Their music reflects their surroundings, with ever changing moods and landscapes. At one moment you are on top of a mountain, and then the next you find yourself in a sun-soaked desert, riding the waves of delirium. It’s a journey they have just begun themselves, forming in the fresh springtime of 2013. In late August they will find their new songs and friendships bonded and captured for all eternity by the great Matt Bayles, and will be playing a few shows to celebrate it all with you.
– Bio from the bands website:

More Plains here:

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