Music Discoveries Week 48

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Last week was really slow in regards of finding new music, but at least one caught my attention, Lakei from Norway

So the only new music discovery last week was Hardcore Sludge Metal from Bergen in Norway.
Dark moody riffs, powerful vocal, interesting melodies and an overall well performed 4 track release well worth a listen. Enjoy!

More Lakei here:

This is not a music discovery from this week, but as I went to Stockholm this Friday to see Morbus Chron / Nifelheim at Debaser Slussen I guess I would at least mention it. I arrived too late to see Morbus Chron, but managed to get into the venue to see Nifelheim play and that was a blast.
Below is my own recording from the Nifelheim gig (sorry for the bad sound, but my phone is not made for high audio recordings).
Nifelheim are one of the older Black/Thrash Metal bands from Sweden (formed in 1990) and it was really fun to see them live!

More Nifelheim here:

Morbus Chron
And here is a funny little bonus video from the band that I missed Friday evening, Morbus Chron, Death Metal from Sweden:

More Morbus Chron here:

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