Best of 2017

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Without any meaningless words, lets get on with it!

Best of 2017


Antarktis – Ildlaante

Powerful, emotional, raw and the best sludge/post-metal I’ve heard in a while!

This is the album I’ve listened to the most since its release, so there really was no competition for the number one spot!


Usnea – Portals Into Futility

Dark, slow, sinister, PURE funeral doom/sludge love!


Dödsrit – Dödsrit

One of those releases that really took me by surprise this year and even-though its ’only’ a 4 track EP it had to be at my number 3 spot!! It has everything I like speed, rawness and grandiose atmospheric passages and it is ’locally produced’ in Dalarna, Sweden. Excellent gutwrenching atmospheric black metal/crust! Highly recommended!


Elder – Reflections Of A Floating World

Not a year end list without Elder’s heavy psychedelic progressive rock


 Alunah – Solennial

Alunah’s best album to date in my opinion and it has been played a lot in my house this year. Slow and heavy pagan doom metal.


Katla – Móðurástin

As my other favourite Islandic band didn’t deliver with their latest album, Katla sure did instead! Been enjoying this during late, dark evenings.


Coughdust – Worldwrench

Massive, rumbling and agressive!

”Taking their influences from crushing heaviness of doom metal, downtuned groove of stoner and sheer terror of death metal, these Finnish slow runners create a unique mixture of ill spirits and unnaturally heavy darkness fused with some of the darkest 70s flavours”


Paradise Lost – Medusa

Saw Paradise Lost live earlier this year with Amon Amarth Johan by my side, something I didn’t see coming. But as I am a polite person who respect other peoples personal space I did not bother Johan with any fan-girl behavior, nor did he bother me.

Medusa has been the closest to a mainstream album played in my house this year, mainly because I like Paradise Lost but also because they made a damn good album too!


Grift – Arvet

I love Erik Gärdefors depressive, even gray palette of emotions and sounds, incorporating the nordic folk music traditions with black metal. I was really impressed with his debut ’Syner’ and this album is a worthy follow-up!


Demonic Death Judge – Seaweed

Creeping! …Crawling! … yes, this massive sludge album has been with me the whole year since its release in Januari like my own shadow. Together with Gurt’s party doom album Skullossus, Seaweed has been my go-to bad mood disintegrator of 2017!


2017 was: LESS writing, social activities online, quantities of music and MORE reading, social activities IRL, chilling with a few select albums!

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