Review: Serpent Eater – Hyena

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Serpent Eater - Hyena

*Insert 3 lines of foul words in capital letters here* Or in other words: Yes, yes, yes… you need to hear this, if you haven’t already!

Sadly I encountered Serpent Eater and their brutally massive Hyena too late to be way up high on my top 10 of 2013, it ’only’ positioned itself at number 9. But the fact that they did manage to maneuver into my top ten is not something to take lightly.

So what is it that made Hyena blow me away? Well every time I listen to it I just get an undeniable desire to jump around the house going berserk and belch out whatever it is the singer is screaming. Sadly I can’t hear a word and no lyrics posted, which makes me a bit sad as usual. According to the release notes on Bandcamp the lyrics are about ”the weirdness and deformations of the psyche as well as the emotions of a violated mankind in modern society” and that only makes me more curious. Musically this is massive rumbling fury straight out of Germany translated into death blackened sludge hardcore” (Quoting the band here, as it is so much more).

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