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Just a quick little post about what I’ve been digging the last weeks or so (yes, I need to write and post such discoveries right away I know…):


Swedens fuzziest new band to rise on my musical horizon!
I’m so looking forward to their album Empress Rising out April 1st on Easy Rider Records!

More Monolord here:

* * *


Discovered the day before my birthday, so it was a good pre-birthday gift to myself…
I had to  adjust my ears to the clean vocal though, as I’m getting used to screaming, growling, belching, howling vocals now.
Subrosa delivers some heartfelt, gut twisting gritty, heavy, doomy awesomeness, that needs much recognition!

More Sobrosa here:

* * *

Have A Nice Life

Quoting my own facebook-status-update:

OH wow… very interesting! Surreal industrial doom/goth/shoegaze post-something, with a Dave Gahan sounding vocalist, a 80’s goth rock sound (Think: Sister of Mercy, Joy Division, The Cure) with a dash of synthpop/rock (Depeche Mode)

I like it! 🙂

More Have A Nice Life here:

* * *

Blackwitch Pudding

Last but absolutely least: Blackwitch Pudding, a potent injection of funny lyrics accompanied with some really good psyched out, groovy stoner.

More Blackwitch Pudding here:

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