Music Discoveries – Week 12

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So while writing on this very late music diary entry for week 12 I got a little side-tracked down a dusty road, that I have not ventured down before. A path down to Sweden’s psychedelic past of the 60’s/70’s.
When you listen to Aluk Todolo you might not hear the reference to Swedish psych-rock, but while researching the band I found an interview where Träd, Gräs och Stenar was mentioned amongst others.
What I’ve heard so far from Träd, Gräs och Stenar is a good new ’discovery’. Any tips on other Swedish prog-rock/psych-rock bands are welcome.
Samla Mammas Manna was maybe not to my fully liking however.
But any tips are greatly welcome!

Aluk Todolo
AlukTodolo_2011I have no idea how I came across Aluk Todolo back in week 12, but I’m glad I did! I’ve been listening to Occult Rock at least a couple of times each week that has followed. I can’t really describe why I love it so much, as to many people this would be incomprehensible noise and/or just plain boring. But in its simplicity, there is a dark, rough atmosphere that calms you and takes you in. I love the mesmerizing almost droning pace of the songs. When I say droning I’m not talking about the slow paced one, this is fierce monotonous riffing with delicate rise and falls accompanied with the, for the most part, monotone bass and a drummer that is insane! But for some reason the small variations that is present creates a pulsating force. And the effects added to the guitar takes your mind out to space, where time stops. You would think that 8 tracks with an average length of 10 minutes with a lot of repeated structures and with few variations during long time spans would make you lose interested quickly, but it doesn’t. It sucks you in, it captures you, it takes you on a journey.

This is not music for everyone, but give it a chance!

Aluk Todolo are from France and plays a spaced out, psychedelica with a dash of black metal, drone and krautrock.

More Aluk Todolo here:


4 Responses

  1. morbidangelo

    am i drunk-dreaming or i am hearing vague echoes from the floydhawkwinding universe.anyway interesting,good work.congrat 4 ur page and work majbritt….btw,any spanish band like aathma,of darkness,moho,orthodox,moksha and a long etc…\m/

    • MLevinsen

      Thanks for the comment, appreciated!
      I’ll give the Spanish names a spin, none of them are known to me, so we’ll see if any of them will land a mention on this site!

  2. morbidangelo

    again i must say thanx to u majbritt,so through your collection i have discovered such a great band as VATTNET VISKAR,they have impressed me a lot,i feel the same sensations i had when i bought and listened to Agallochs the mantle,the perfect soundtrack to my recent reading,Assur,where i can see the odysee of a lot of northern men fighting the wrath of Njord, trying to conquer the glory in sites as Helluland,Markland,Vindland.keep on the great work and stay dark

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