Review: It’s Not Night: It’s Space – Our Birth is but a Sleep and a Forgetting

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INNISI’ve had the worst writers block! I haven’t been able to put words to anything I’ve been listening to lately and I haven’t been listening to much music either. I’ve been doubting myself over and over again and had pretty much come to terms with the fact that I would not be writing anything for a very long time. But then this album came along and something scattered…

Yes, this is some of the best instrumental heavy psychedelic dreamy stoner space desert rock I’ve heard in a long time!

The intro ”Nada Brahma” is filled with meditative grooves and intertwined spoken words which gently prepares your mind for the journey to inner and outer space you are about to depart on. After the intro the massive ”The Beard of Macroprosopus” wells over you like a hot desert wind, and you are carried off to an exotic location where you can almost visualize ghostly belly dancers under a star bestowed night sky. It is transcendentally spacey, intense, organic and almost like a live jam, and this can be said about the entire album.

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