Cotillion – Two Years

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How do you describe Cotillion? I don’t know if I can, but this album is packed with: Instrumental post-hardcore, spacy prog rock, groovy metal-vibes, alternative uncoordinated riffs, it is playful, dreamy, schizophrenic and tense. Peaceful mayhem or alternative prog-core might be the right sum of it all!

Cotillion is a new discovery for me so I have no idea of what they have done in the past (might have to check up on that later), but from what I’ve dug up Cotillion is a duo from New York with Dima Reykhtman playing the drums and also manages the artwork and design, while Ben Schwartz handles the guitar, bass and production.

The album sets off with the playful and extremely enjoyable ”Song 11: 57% intro, 43% outro”. That bass and the drum in the beginning, with the delicate licks of the guitar joining in… and there is lift-off! Not a dull moment follows, the album is alive and grows in all directions with a firm grounding in a breathing core that holds it all together.

I am always very fascinated by bands that manage to incorporate different styles that normally wouldn’t go well together, and makes it work! Just listen to ”Bodegacore” it’s an unlikely mix of styles, and ”MetalBassMan” goes from one mood to another without losing momentum, and ”Blast Processor”…

Aarrrgggh! Go listen for yourself!

(And I’ve got my daily doce of Diggidy Dehs & Squinily Dinilys courtesy of Cameron Shirey.)

Released October 23, 2015

More Cotillion here:

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