NoiseNäs 2015, Day Two, Saturday

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Below are some picture of what me and my son was up to during day two of the most cozy and relaxing festival I have ever attended. I really hope they’ll arrange it again next year. My son was over the top happy when we drove home in the middle of the night after seeing Skraeckodlan closing the festival off.

He couldn’t quite grasp the fact the he had played ping-pong with members of Skraeckoedlan and Ordos and played Mario Kart with Svartanatt. And his longing for starting to play the bass has grown even bigger! (He’s going to get his first bass in September, when my brother gives him one of his old ones and a amp).

Anyhow the highlights of the day was, except for Skraeckoedlan, ApanJapan and the massively energetic SQUARE!

#SQUARE #NoiseNäs

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Majbritt N Levinsen (@majlev)

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