Arctic Monkeys 2/7-2011 Orange Stage

Roskilde Festival 2011, Day 3, Saturday 2nd of July

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This day as the previous days is kind of a blur in the earlier part of the day, I have a vague remembrance of that we passed Arena while Love Shop was playing, but then I really don’t know what we did until we went and listened to Soilwork. I think we might have been around Pavilion, as we tend to hang there when we haven’t any acts we want to go to. In that case we would have been listening to the The EX with different guests.


But Soilwork I know we saw 🙂 Haven’t been able to find any good crowd footage, but here is one from the stage and one from the crowd with really bad sound.

The Ex with Roy PACI

After Soilwork I know we went back to Pavilion and listened to The Ex with Roy Paci as we hadn’t anything else on our to-do-list, and I’ve got photographic proof of it too.  😉

Well we just sat outside ’enjoying’ the tunes, it was a bit different from what we normally listen to to say the least.

Arctic Monkeys

We then went and saw some of Arctic Monkeys, but me and my brothers fiancée was a bit bored and decided to go and find a place to sit in the new Gloria Stage, mainly because the thunderstorm of the century was accumulating and we wanted to be inside 🙂

Dark Dark Dark

The decision to go inside Gloria went to be a good idea, while waiting for Dark Dark Dark to start the concert, we could watch the rain starting to fall outside on the live projections in the ceiling of Gloria.
Dark Dark Dark had a huge audience to say the least 🙂
A really good experience had it not been for the crammed packed tent, you couldn’t move and my ass literally fell asleep sitting on the wooden steps. People sat so tight you couldn’t move, even if you wanted to. And If you moved you would be sure somebody would take your place in a second. The rain poured outside and the thunder roared so approx. 75000 people tried to find shelter from the thunderstorm…

I haven’t been able to find footage shot from Dark Dark Darks gig at the Roskilde Festival, so you have to be content with this video!

Footage of the thunderstorm can be watched here 🙂

Well during Dark Dark Darks performance  my brothers fiancée had to go to the ’ladies-room’ and after that she couldn’t get back inside, because the limitation had been reached for how many people could be crammed into the tent. (When one person left another person was let in…) She found the others from our camp and they decided it was time to go home to camp.
I however had something else I HAD to see, come hell or high water…

Congotronics vs Rockers feat. Konoko No1, Deerhoof, Kasai Allstars, Juana Molina, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and Skeletons

That was a concert worth sticking around for! Had it not been for a drunk Norwegian guy and his German friend, that persisted on dancing with me and holding my hand/ass, I would probably have enjoyed it to the fullest. Oh well one of the more memorable concert of the year anyway, the drummers were mesmerizing to watch, well all on stage were mesmerizing, it was sooo good!

I haven’t been able to find any footage from the Roskilde gig! So you have to be content with this one and this one!

Well because of my two new ’friends’ I decided that as soon as the concert was over I would go straight home. I had hoped to see some of Deadmau5 concert on Orange before going home, but the festival ground was now covered in slippery mud and I was afraid my new ’friends’ would follow me around, so in best action film style I zig-zagged through the crowds in a fast pace and got home to camp safe, but no Deadmau5 for me this time around, oh well, that I can live with 😉

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