NoiseNäs 2015, Day One, Friday

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Some pictures from our first day at this small cozy festival in the small cozy Nusnäs.
Didn’t stay to see Ordos as my son became really tired and cold, but we’ll be back today with renewed energy, we are both looking forward to see Skraeckoedlan, so he’s going to have a rest before we head of for day two of this really nice festival.

The highlight of the evening for me was actually the experimental two man ensemble Liv Modärn, but for those who know me, this would not come as a surprise, as I like the more experimental and skewed within music.

Other than that me and my son had a really nice evening with pingis (Ping-Pong), Mario Kart, painting and lots of music.

Well the quality of the pictures are not that good, but hey, I was there for the music!

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