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This is the self-titled debut album from the Danish Atmospheric Black Metal band Solbrud, the album was release some time ago, but I think it deserves to be heard, as it is one of my top albums of 2012 so far! The album contains 2 new songs and 2 re-recorded songs from their demo release from 2010. And even-though it only holds 4 tracks the album clocks in on 46 minutes! The songs length spans from 7 to 15 minutes. This is an album you have to sit and take the time to listen to, to fully get into the mood and pace of the songs.

First track on the album is ‘Bortgang’ which starts out with a lonely drum which builds up with the guitars, by then you know something great is going to start soon. The bass then kicks in and a repetitive melody starts. At the 3:45 mark the vocal and the song really begins. The lyrics are in English and are sung in a crow-like, raspy perfect black metal vocal. The end of this song tends to get a little too repetitive, but it never gets really boring. Next we have one of the old re-recorded songs ‘Øde Lagt’ this one is sung in Danish and I really love the lyrics, it is poetry! The song starts out in a great pace that relaxes you. And unlike the new songs, this song changes pace and slows down, which only adds to the eerie dark feeling this song indulges, together with the great lyrics! I personally like these older re-recorded tracks the most, as they offer more to listen to and explore. The song ends with atmospheric rain and thunder while the instruments slowly dies away one after the other… This is a little masterpiece in my book. Then follows another favourite of the album: ‘Dødemandsbjerget’ which is one of the new tracks. The lyrics might be a little lighter than ‘Øde Lagt’ and is quite fun and sing-along-friendly (If you know Danish)! The song is very repetitive, but I get extremely happy while listening to this one. I would have liked it to be longer than the 7:39 minutes it really is! I’ve had this on repeat in my car for some time, and I’m not tired of it yet! Last track on this album ‘Skyggeriget’ is also the longest (15:01) and in English, this is one of the older tracks and it again offers more variation to the melody than the newer tracks. Great atmosphere! Around the 8 minutes mark the songs breaks off. Calm waves rolling onto the shore can be heard while some drone like guitars starts to almost chant. Tribal sounding drumming adds to the atmosphere and it continues on (without vocal) into an epic ending. An ending fit for one of my favourite albums of the year!

The lyrics are all written around the subject of nature, death and a longing for distant shores. The only negative I have to say about this album is the ending of ‘Bortgang’ is almost too repetitive at the end, but only almost. And I would have wished all of the lyrics were in Danish. This first release from this very young Danish band only gives me great expectations for the next release from them. And from what I have understood, new songs are already finished and ready to be recorded during this winter. So I might have a new favourite album from Solbrud as soon as next year, who knows?

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