GeoCaching, fun with the kids and a lot of fresh air!

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Ok so I begun GeoCaching after I got convinced by a co-worker that is was worth checking out. So on a rainy August day (11/8-2011) while on holiday in Denmark I created an account on, installed an App on my phone and read into the matter. I never got to do any cache-seeking on my home island, as the rain poured the rest of the time I was there.

My GeoCaching debut was Riverside In ( the 2/9-2011. Close to my home and not to difficult to find. But as it was my first search it did go on for just a little too long, and I searched high and low and didn’t find anything until my observant son found it 🙂

So I haven’t been too active in my search for GeoCaches (62 finds, 3 Challenges so far), but me and my son goes out on new adventures every now and then. I have also tried to climb under a bridge to get to a cache, it wasn’t really high or scary, BUT that stunt I am not going to do a second time, my fear of heights wont allow me 🙂
My son even got his own account today after an advice from a fellow GeoCacher, he was so pround when he wrote his nick onto the log for the first time.

Here are some of the places that the cache search have brought us to so far:

That’s all for now, and our GeoCaching nicks are MNL73 and Anakin03.


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