Out Today: Sammal – Myrskyvaroitus

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After hearing ’Aika On Alkamassa’ I became really interested in hearing the rest of the album, and today it is out!
So far I’m just on the first track so I’ll get back with my final verdict soon….
But the opener ’ Stormvarning’ is an enjoyable smooth 70’s-retro-rocker with a hint of jazz sung in Swedish.

So it is day two with this album available on Bandcamp and after a couple of listen troughs – I must say it has its highs and lows. The star of this album is without a doubt ’Aika On Alkamassa’ which I’ve listened to a lot. Sadly the song following this track, ’Sulle Haavan Tein’ isn’t really on the same level, and I just want to just skip it when it comes on. It might be the sudden change of pace and the more jazzy-feeling that kicks in that disturbs my groove. As I’ve listened to it on its own a couple of times I’ve realized it isn’t really bad, it is just placed after the best song on the album which is its downfall.

After the opener ’Stormvarning’ the much more groovy and psychedelic ’Järjen Ohimarssi’ kicks in. And the album starts for real for my part. The long experimental psyched out part of ’Järjen Ohimarssi’ song, makes you want to tie a tie around your head and dance barefoot around your room and be one with the universe, until the track picks up again and you just want to be one with the music.

’Samaan Arkeen’ is one of the calmer tracks on the album and a really nice one actually and a perfect breather before ’Kohtaus Yön Vyöllä’, the instrumental organ-driven track where all instruments ”follows the leader”.

I must say I’m really into the organ. But then again, I’ve always loved the sound of the Hammond-organ since I was a kid.

Each track has its moments, but for some reason there is something with the order of the tracks that feels off… sadly…

Release date: May 15th via Svart Records

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