Anticipated releases of 2015

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I started to do a list with releases I know are in the making or about to be released, just to keep track of them. Thought I would share them with the few readers I have here. Thanks for reading!

This list will obviously be revisited as the year progresses.

So here we go…

Anticipated releases…

Undergang – Døden Læger Alle Sår

Release date: July 10th via Dark Descent Records

Skraeckoedlan – Sagor


Release date: June 10th

Refused – Freedom

Release date: 29th of June

Khemmis – Absolution

Khemmis - Absolution
Release date: July 7 2015

Locrian – Infinite Dissolution

Locrian - Infinite Dissolution
Release date:  July 24th via Relapse Records

Milanku – De Fragments

Release date: November 6th

Les Discrets – ?


I’m really looking forward to what comes next from Les Discrets, after their latest release Ariettes Oubliées from 2012, loved that album and it is still heard pretty often! I think they have recorded it, but in what stage the album is in I don’t know yet.

Sektemtum – ?


Release date: ? – In the process of recording their next album, so hopefully sometimes later during 2015

TOOL – ?


Release date: Obviously I don’t know IF the album will be released this year, but with the recent news I’m hoping….


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