Albums Of The Year – 2012

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2012 was a good year in regards of  discovering new and exiting music. I had the best Roskilde Festival expirience to date this year, both musically and just in having a really great time. IT WAS FUN!
On an emotional level my year has been a roller-coaster and music has helped me through many of the darkest hours. That might explain why many of my favourite albums this year are dark, melancholic, yearning and bitter-sweet.
I’m about to list those that made albums this year that I’m not getting tired of, regardless of how many times I’ve listened to them. Albums I’ve returned to ever so often, albums that suddenly wants to be heard again, albums that were so good that they will not be forgotten!!! (At least not yet)

So without any further due here they are, without any one favoured over the other, and I will not explain why in endless rants, I think I will let the music speak in this post:

Alcest – ’Les voyages de l’âme’
Released: January 2012

Might actually be my favourite album of the year, if I had to choose…

More Alcest here:


Les Discrets – Ariettes oubliées…
Released: February 2012

Beautiful – one word to really say it all…

More Les Discrets here:


 Baroness – Yellow & Green
Released: July 2012

Yeah!!! This album always makes me feel good…

More Baroness here:


Solbrud – Solbrud
Released: April 2012

I was totally blown away by these young Danish Black Metallers
My review of the album here:

More Solbrud Here:


Locrian – The Clearing/The Final Epoch
Release: August 2012

This album made the biggest impact on me this year. It still brings a smile on my lips, how I tried to explain the greatness of this album to my mother, she must have thought I was crazy!
Read my review of the album here:

More Locrian Here:

That is it, 2012 is almost over, see you in 2013!!!


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