Andrew James Liles – Interview

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An Interview with Andrew James Liles. Mastermind behind Bad Android, Welcome Home and Information Harvest First of I want to thank Andrew for answering my questions, I didn’t expect the lengthy response that I got, but I really appreciate it … Continued

Music Discoveries – Week 10

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So many bands dropped into my lap this week that I’m afraid it will take time to research and write this post. But I like it, so I’m not complaining. And I’m probably gonna chock you all with my last … Continued

Music discoveries – (Week) 4 – 0 Special Edition

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An ordinary Thursday back in 1973 my mother gave birth to a girl. 40 years later the girl has grown a little taller and gotten a little heavier, both bodily and musically. So instead of looking back at week 4’s … Continued